Peter Lehmann Wine Tasting ~ Wed 13th June 2018

Saviour of the Barossa

Peter Lehmann started his own winery in 1979, partly as a means of helping with the glut of grapes then afflicting the Barossa Valley. He is known as the “saviour of the Barossa”, by offering to take the grapes from desperate growers and producing quality wine from them, but only on the understanding that he would pay them for the grapes once he had sold the wines.  Many of the growers were sceptical, (a lot of them being conservative farmers of Silesian descent who regarded their old vines as part of their patrimony), but were grateful for the help and accepted the offer. Peter kept his word and paid them back, saved their livelihoods and it is widely thought that the Barossa would have lost a large swathe of its old vines without his intervention. The crisis passed, in large part thanks to Peter’s energy and vision, and the Lehmann winery became one of the Barossa’s – and Australia’s – outstanding wineries. It was for his role as saviour of the Barossa and as the creator of this winery, that Peter was named ‘Personality of the Year’ by the International Wine Challenge in 2009.

Sadly, Peter is no longer with us, but the tradition and quality of the winery carries on, this tasting will be lead by Tim Dolan ~ Head winemaker at Peter Lehmann so why not book in and come try some of the wines that made this name a legendary one in the Australian winemaking field.

Please book your tickets £10 for Wine Club Members or £15 non-members by calling 01296 585022, or drop us a line on