No Corkage Thursdays

To help you get in the mood for the weekend, we've decided to give you one more reason to visit No2 Pound Street on a Thursday evening. You can pick any bottle of wine off the shelves and enjoy it here for JUST THE RETAIL PRICE!

Usually we add £7 to the bottle price to drink-in (that small amount of corkage helps us pay our bills - we're much more than a wine shop and have much higher costs as a result!) but for Thursdays we'll waive that, meaning you get unbelievable value for money!

I don't want to go into the margins that restaurants and bars (need to) make on their wine prices but I can assure you, you won't get a better deal for drinking great wine than this. Think about the quality of wine you normally get in pubs and think about how much it costs. Think about how much a decent bottle costs in your favorite restaurant. We buy our wine very carefully, choosing the best examples from the World's most exciting regions and from the very best winemakers; we are very proud of our range and genuinely want to share these wines with you. The wines we stock appear on lots of the great restaurant lists around the World, they just happen to cost a LOT LESS HERE!

Great wine really shines alongside great food and although we don't have a kitchen and a team of chefs, we like to think that our food is a pretty perfect accompaniment to wine. A simple plate of the finest British cheese? Great British Artisan Charcuterie? The Finest Smoked Salmon from Forman & Sons? Simply perfect!

Plus there's the wonderful atmosphere, expert sommelier advice and sparkling banter!  You can book a table by emailing HERE or by calling 01296 585022. Or just turn up!  See you on Thursday!!