Sicily ~ the magical island   4 February 2015

Sicily is a paradox. The largest island in the Mediterranean, perhaps more famously known for it’s many big screen Hollywood films, the crazy Inspector Montalbano and the rest of his motley crew, Giuseppe di Lampedusa’s The Leopard, Marlon Brando and the rest of the Corleone clan,... more>

Sicily ~ the wines of Sicily   4 February 2015

Siciliy's wine culture is ancient. According to legend, Dionysus (aka Bacchus) was the God who brought pleasure to mankind, and wine to Sicily. Legend apart, it is certain that wine has been made in Sicily for thousands of years. Grapes were cultivated in the Aeolian Islands as early as 1,500 BC... more>

Big Green Egg Bacon Sarnies   4 February 2015

This Thursday and Friday come on down to No2 Pound Street between 7am - 10am for your FREE bacon sarnie, don't forget to pop your donation into the pot for Help for Heroes, see you then.... In the meanwhile take a peek at this to whet your appetite ... more>

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